You want upsets and buzzer beaters?


By J. Bates

So if anyone was paying attention to my blog from 2 weeks ago you're probably doing pretty well.  I on the other hand decided to take a few "liberties" with my tried and true theory and am now out of the money before the Final Four ever starts.  Everyone thinks the NCAA tournament is filled with upsets and buzzer beaters.  But a pair of one seeds, a two seed and a "cinderella" three seed has me looking elsewhere for the heart stopping action.


Enter the Frozen Four.  I had the pleasure of watching New Hampshire score with .05 left to tie a game against North Dakota and it had every bit the jump off my couch excitement that Bryce Drew could muster.  Don't believe me?  Check out the New York Times.  I'm told Bemidji State going to the Frozen Four is the equivalent of Morehead State going to the Final Four.  It's so topsy turvy that despite some smart people entering, the Steelheads Frozen Four promotion is OVER before they've even got to the semi-finals.

I know January is the time to get in shape, (even though statistically Americans put off that resolution until February) but this month I'm giving it a whirl.  You may have seen the infomercial, and I just can't resist a good "Seen on TV" product.  Really! I've bought the Topsy Turvy, the Magic Bullett and so much more over the years.  If this works I'll be sure to keep you up to date here.

Plus I need to get into shape for my one leisure time activity.  The Treasure Valley Men's Fastpitch softball season.  I'm not even sure how I'm going to play this year with my new schedule.  But I guess I can eat a few bites on the bench and call it a dinner break.  What's better is I'm recruiting Mike Murad to play.  If you're tired of slowpitch and want to give it a shot Boise Parks and Rec is setting up an Open House day to try it out. 

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