Nampa teen says bus driver gave her whiplash on purpose

Nampa teen says bus driver gave her whiplash on purpose
NAMPA, Idaho - A Nampa teenager says her bus driver gave her whiplash, and on purpose.

The alleged incident happened on Wednesday after a bus driver picked up students from Columbia High School to take them home.

"Everybody was fooling around," says Lacee Zechmann, a student at Columbia High. "The driver hit the brakes and my head went forward."

Zechmann says she hit the seat and bars in front of her.

"The doctor said she had a closed head injury with whiplash, and that's a mild concussion," says Ron Zechmann, Lacee's father. "I'm extremely upset because we trust that bus drivers will protect our kids."

The 15-year-old says the bus driver slams on the breaks often in order to settle down the kids. However, this is the first time someone got hurt.

We caught up with the driver outside Columbia High School Thursday afternoon. He told us he couldn't talk and we would have to contact the Brown Bus Company.

"We looked at the video on the bus and there was nothing that indicates the bus driver did anything out of the ordinary," said Brent Carpenter, who owns the Brown Bus Company.

Carpenter says they are still taking the matter seriously. A second person with the company will be riding with the bus driver in question for a couple of days. He says safety is the company's No. 1 priority, and parents should feel secure knowing their kids are in good hands.

The Brown Bus Company will not let KBOI see the video. We filed a Freedom of Information Act request, but Carpenter points out that it's not a public company.

The Nampa School District has looked at the video, and says the bus company, which they contract with, has the situation under control.