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Wienermobile in town!

Wienermobile in town!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is in the Treasure Valley this week. It is making a journey across the Northwest.

Hotdoggers will be handing out wiener whistles and giving tours of the Wienermobile.

Oscar Mayer is also promoting the "Good Mood Mission". The company started the year by donating one million pounds of food to fee America. You can help by filling out the sentence "It doesn't get any better than this...." Once you fill out the sentence Oscar Mayer will donate five pounds of food.

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Here's a schedule of events:

Albertson's 9AM-12PM at 20 East Fairview Ave. in Meridian

Albertson's 1PM-5PM at 3301 West Cherry Lane in Meridian

Friday, March 12

Albertson's 9AM-12PM at 250 South Eagle Road in Eagle

Albertson's 1PM-5PM at 4700 North Eagle Road in Boise

Saturday, March 13

Pinewood Derby at Pinewood Presbyterian Church from 10AM-12PM

4848 North 5 Mile Road in Boise