Southeast Boise

State baseball and softball, too

State baseball and softball, too
State Baseball
5A Semifinals
Timberline def. Highland, 5-3
Madison def. Coeur d'Alene, 20-13

5A Consolation
Rocky Mountain def. Boise 9-0
Eagle def. Borah, 11-8

4A Semifinals
Skyview def. Emmett, 5-1
Bonneville def. Bishop Kelly, 10-4

4A Consolation
Blackfoot def. Minico, 4-3
Twin Falls def. Moscow, 13-3

3A Semifinals
Snake River def. Kimberly, 10-0
Fruitland def. Priest River, 14-1

3A Consolation
Timberlake def. Payette, 12-2
Bear Lake def. South Fremont, 2-0

2A Semifinals
Nampa Christian def. St. Maries, 6-5
Grangeville def. New Plymouth, 6-3

2A Consolation
Malad def. Wendell, 15-0
Melba def. Firth, 3-1

State Softball
5A Winner's Bracket
Coeur d'Alene def. Highland, 6-1
Eagle def. Centennial, 10-1
Lake City def. Rocky Mountin, 4-1
Skyline def. Boise, 7-4
Coeur d'Alene def. Eagle, 2-1
Lake City def. Skyline, 10-0

5A Loser Out
Highland def. Centennial, 14-5
Rocky Mountain def. Boise, 11-6
Highland def. Skyline, 10-2
Eagle def. Rocky Mountain, 6-2

4A Winner's Bracket
Twin Falls def. Skyview, 4-0
Bishop Kelly def. Century, 7-2
Lakeland def. Kuna, 4-3
Blackfoot def. Canyon Ridge, 10-2
Bishop Kelly def. Twin Falls, 15-9
Lakeland def. Blackfoot, 10-2

4A Loser Out
Skyview def. Century, 11-4
Kuna def. Canyon Ridge, 10-1
Skyview def. Blackfoot, 6-5
Kuna leads Twin Falls, 6-4 postponed (will resume 9 am)

3A Winner's Bracket
Buhl def. Bear Lake, 7-2
Homedale def. Teton, 14-1
Filer def. Shelley, 17-7
Fruitland def. Timberlake, 12-1
Homedale def. Buhl, 13-0
Fuirtland def. Filer, 1-0

3A Loser Out
Bear Lake def. Teton, 7-5
Shelley def. Timberlake, 5-2
Filer def. Bear Lake, 11-9
Buhl def. Shelley, 14-0

2A Winner's Bracket
Malad def. St. Maries, 14-0
McCall def. West Jefferson, 12-2
Orofino def. New Plymouth, 13-3
Soda Springs def. Wendell, 8-2
McCall def. Malad, 17-11
Orofino def. Soda Springs, 16-8

2A Loser Out
West Jefferson def. St. Maries, 14-0
New Plymouth def. Wendell, 13-12
West Jefferson def. Soda Springs, 12-7
Malad def. New Plymouth, 9-8

1A Winner's Bracket
Greenleaf def. Prairie, 7-3
Genesee def. Horseshoe Bend, 7-1
Genesee def. Greenleaf, 16-4

1A Loser Out
Prairie def. Horseshoe Bend, 2-1