Walk MS 2012 participants share their stories

Walk MS 2012 participants share their stories
BOISE, Idaho - You've probably seen the television ads.

KBOI 2News Sports Director Chris Nettleton has Multiple Sclerosis and he's hoping you'll walk with him for Walk MS 2012 on Saturday, April 21st.

"I really feel like i need to be out there. I'm really happy to be in this position where it brings a little more awareness to it," he said.

Click Here to watch Natalie and Chris talking about his fight

Three other people with MS appear in the video with Chris and they want to create more awareness of a disease that has no cure.

Michelle Jacobi's 37 years old and she was diagnosed with MS at 28.

She was running into walls, couldn't feel hot or cold, and dropped things, but now, a daily injection of medication doesn't make things perfect, but a lot better.

"It has its days, absolutely," she said. "A lot of fatigue, a lot of the right side of the body is a lot weaker. I typically have to use a cane approximately four or five times during the month, but I'm not to the point I'm in a wheelchair."

She's walking on Saturday with her husband and three sons.

"Having a genetic correlation with MS, and having three sons, the odds are that that one of my three sons will get this, so being protective momma bear, I want to find a cure before that happens," she said.

Someone who knows what it's like to be young and have it is Sydney Renspurger.

She's just 12 years old and still coming to grips with it, and has a tough time telling friends.

"They just ask me what it is, and I don't like to explain what it is," she said.

The truth is, MS can strike at any age.

Jason Rowe is 44 years old and was diagnosed 8 years ago.

Like the rest of the group, he's walking on Saturday, surrounded by family and friends.

"There's always my wife, my son, my daughter and myself," he said. "And almost every time, is my friend Tim, his wife sometimes, our friends and Rick and Sonnie, there's always about 10, one year we had 32."

Because for this group, Saturday is not just a walk on one weekend, but a life-long journey they're making together.