Haunted Woods - Eagle Fire


By Eric Holbrook

Event Details

Start Date: October 29, 2009 - End Date: October 31, 2009

Time: dusk

Location: Merrill Park Eagle

Link: http://www.eaglefire.org

Child Price: $6

Adult Price: $10

Organization: Eagle volunteer Firefighter Associatio

Event Description

As ghouls and goblins haunted the night, witches fly through the air and underworld creatures invade your dreams, wolves will howl as they await their prey . . . . and a walk through the woods will never be the same.

It’s time, time for the 12th Annual Haunted Woods, presented by the Eagle Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Association, Fridays and Saturdays, Oct 16 & 17, 23 & 24, and Thurs, Fri and Sat Oct 29, 30 and 31 dusk to 11:00 PM, in Merrill Park next to the river in Eagle.

No other woods will leave you shaking in your boots like this benefit for the Eagle Volunteer Fire Fighters Association. Your support will help the Burn Out fund for families displaced by fire, support annual scholarships that help high school students further their education, provide Christmas presents for families who might otherwise not have any, as well as assist the department in the purchase of much needed equipment and training.

On Fridays throughout the event, firefighters who appear in the 2010 Eagle Fire Calendar will be on hand to autograph calendars hot off the press.

Tickets are $10 for adults, children 5 – 12 are only $6. Advanced tickets for groups of 10 or more receive a $1 off. Bring a can of food for the Eagle Food Band and receive a free glow stick.

For additional information, please contact Eagle Fire Department at 208/939-6463 or Barb Clark at 435/640-5039, or check out the website at www.eaglefire.org.

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