New photo released in search for suspect who shot Ore. officer

New photo released in search for suspect who shot Ore. officer

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. - As the search for the suspect in a shooting that critically injured a police officer continues, a new photograph is being circulated that may help people identify the man if they see him.

Officials are looking for 43-year-old David Anthony Durham, who they believe shot Lincoln City Police Officer Steve Dodds before leading police on a high speed chase. Durham fled into the woods on foot and is still at large.

The photo was released Thursday by the Lincoln City Police Department. It was taken the day before the shooting - around noon on Jan. 22 - at a convenience store in Seaside.

The incident at the center of it all happened Jan. 23 when Officer Steven Dodds with the Lincoln City Police Department pulled over a Dodge truck for speeding about 40 miles north of Waldport.

Officer Dodds was shot multiple times during the traffic stop and although he was unable to return fire, he did manage to call in his own officer down report, according to Lt. Jerry Palmer with the Lincoln City Police Department.

The gunman drove south on U.S. 101 and was spotted and chased by Newport police, with several shots fired at officers. None were hit, but two patrol vehicles and a car were struck by bullets, according to Lt. Gregg Hastings, a state police spokesman.

The Dodge truck was stopped by spike strips on the highway at Waldport, where the driver fled on foot into a wooded area. The gunman also shot at a crab fisherman on a boat in Alsea Bay, near the bridge, Newport Police Chief Mark Miranda said. The fisherman was struck by shrapnel but was not seriously injured.

Law enforcement has been looking for Durham ever since. A heavy SWAT presence was in Waldport for a time but has since been scaled back.