Police: Thief steals about $1,500 worth of meat

Police: Thief steals about $1,500 worth of meat
BOISE - Meat was apparently on the dinner menu for one Boise man.

It's just now he's been arrested for his carnivorous ways.

Boise Police says Marvin Ott, 45, stole about $1,500 worth of meat in the past two months from one Boise grocery store.

Ott was arrested Tuesday on four felony counts of burglary. They say Ott has been visiting a grocery store at the corner of Cole and Fairview on four separate occasions. Authorities say he'd fill a shopping basket with fresh cuts of meat and then walk out the door without paying.

Brian Conley, store director of the Albertsons on Fairview and Cole, said loss prevention officers "beefed" up security when they saw their meat numbers go down.

"We noticed our count was down so we (loss prevention officers) pulled the surveillance video," Conley said.

Store employees saw the alleged meat thief walk to his car and snapped a picture of his license plate, which helped police track him down. All the meat, Conley said, which was top-notch lean steaks, had to be thrown away.

Future meat thieves should be leary.

"We have a very good relationship with the police," Conley said. "We're glad this guy was caught."

Police charged him with felonies because he entered the store with the intent to steal.