Investigators looking into possible new LeBrane case evidence

CALDWELL - The Canyon County Prosecutor says authorities are looking into evidence that one watchdog group says could prove the innocence of a southwest Idaho woman.

Sarah Pearce is serving at least 15 years in prison after a jury in 2003 convicted her of aiding and abetting attempted murder and related charges in connection with a 2000 attack on Linda LeBrane of Port Townsend, Wash., who police say was forced off Interstate 84 by three men and a woman.

Police say LeBrane was taken to a field where she was beaten and stabbed. She spent months recovering.

John Bujak, prosecutor, says the Innocence Project, produced a lead that they say would clear Pearce using DNA evidence. That lead has been turned over to detectives to determine whether it warrants re-opening the case.

"It would have to be pretty compelling stuff for me to re-open a case," Bujak said. "I would need very conclusive evidence to second guess a jury's verdict in a case."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.