Laid Off Micron Employee Speaks Out

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"It's almost like being an animal on the farm getting ready to be slaughtered and not knowing when it's going to happen," says Steve, who was let go from Micron on Saturday.

"That's all we did all day long is squirm. Waiting for the proverbial ax man to come in and grab you and take you upstairs. and do away with you."

Steve says in the middle of his shift, a manager came and lowered the boom. Less than 15 minutes later, he says he was out the door. He claims there were prior no warnings. No communication. Just anxiety as he waited.

"Why don't you just come up to me and say your number's up, you gotta go. Let's go get your paperwork and turn in your badge and be done with it but they had to try to sugar coat it," Steve says.

Steve considers himself lucky to be among the first wave of layoffs. He says his severance package applies to all people let go between June 28 and August 30.

"I still have friends that are still there and I feel for them because at some point they're going to start getting the gut ache and ulcers like I have," says Steve.

He acknowledges by speaking to CBS 2 Eyewitness News he will not receive any benefits from severance including 9 weeks pay. But he claims he has little to lose, and Micron needs to change their policy.

"Just be honest. Go up and tell people what's going on and be done with it. Everybody I talked to say 'Why drag it out? Why drag it out?' Just tell them what's going on and be done with it," says Steve.

Steve says he enjoyed his time at Micron, and would go back tomorrow if the call came in. But instead., Monday will start in line at the unemployment office.

"I really liked the people I worked with at Micron. We got a long great. And I guess that's my feeling towards them is having to suffer in this kind of way is a shame. It really is," says Steve.

Once again today, CBS 2 Eyewitness News asked for an on camera interivew with a company leade, and again they said no one was available. Micron would also not confirm how many people were let go this weekend.
They did however issue the following statement through Public Information Officer, Daniel Francisco:

"Micron is pursuing a number of initiatives to drive greater cost efficiencies and revenue growth across its operations. These initiatives include developing production cost efficiencies closer in location to Micron’s global customers, evaluating functions more efficiently performed through partnerships or other outside relationships and reducing the company’s overhead costs to meet or exceed industry benchmarks.

With extreme declines in pricing for Micron products, the company must examine its overhead cost structure to effectively compete in key markets. Micron is taking a critical look at what components are the right fit in this business environment. Through this assessment and in line with the company’s initiatives to drive greater cost efficiency and revenue growth across its operations, we’ve determined that some workforce reductions in certain areas of the business will occur as we realign the business. Workforce reductions are always difficult, but these initiatives are being pursued to support the longterm global viability and competitiveness of the company."