Cougar sighting in Boise neighborhood

Cougar sighting in Boise neighborhood
HIDDEN SPRINGS - A young mountain lion was spotted in a Boise neighborhood over the weekend.

Neighbors spotted the cougar in a tree in the Hidden Springs neighborhood.

Local mother, Felicia Westbrook, says it makes her nervous to know a cougar could be on the loose, especially since her too young sons love to play outside.

"They are curious too, if they see that, what are they going to do?" Westbrook said.

Many folks that live in Hidden Springs say they know it's a rural area, and expect to have a wildlife run in.

"People who venture up into the foothills have to be cautious about the wildlife they will likely run into," Hidden Spring resident, Tyler Gilman said.

A jogger and her two dogs spotted the cougar Sunday morning. The dogs spooked the mountain lion that climbed up a tree.

Authorities were called in and the state wildlife biologist gave residents three options for the six to seven month old cougar cub.

They could tranquilize it, destroy it, or let the cub find its way home. Hidden Valley residents chose option three, and an eyewitness saw the cub heading back to the foothills Sunday night.