Boise stores, bars see increase in e-cigarettes

Boise stores, bars see increase in e-cigarettes
BOISE -- Ever since Boise passed its new stricter smoking ordinance which went into effect Jan. 2, stores and bars have reported an increase in the number of people buying electronic cigarettes.

An e-cigarette is essentially a battery-powered, water vapor nicotine delivery system. Start-up kits can cost between $30 and $50.

It's called "vaping" and people who do it are called "vapors". There's no smoke or tobacco involved so e-cigarettes are excluded from Boise's new tough smoking ordinance.

Stores that sell e-cigarettes such as Vapoligy in Garden City and several other shops we visited report an increase in people buying the product.

"We're getting a lot of comments from people saying they don't want to stop going out, they don't want to miss hanging out," said Ginger Longden of Vapoligy. "But they want to go to a bar where they can smoke."

Flavored liquids are combined with liquid nicotine and a heating element turns the mixture into vapor which the user inhales.