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BOISE, Idaho -- You're going to have a lot of options when Idaho's Health Insurance Exchance opens in less than a month.

161 options to be exact.

All those plans will be offered by eight insurance companies.According to the state insurance exchange, monthly premiums on these plans for a family of four will run between $527-$1100 depending on the plan and zip code.

Here's the full news release from Your Health Idaho:

Your Health Idaho announced today that there will be a total of 161 health insurance plans offered from eight Idaho insurance companies on Idaho's insurance marketplace during open enrollment for coverage beginning in January 2014, representing a robust marketplace that will give Idahoans many choices for selecting a plan.

This total includes 76 individual health plans, 55 small group health plans for small business, 13 individual dental plans and 17 small group dental plans.

"Your Health Idaho is pleased to provide Idahoans such a wide variety to shop, compare and choose a plan that is right for them, their families and their budgets during the six month open enrollment period that begins this fall," said Amy Dowd, Executive Director of Your Health Idaho. 

Later this fall and through March 2014, Idahoans will be able to use Your Health Idaho to select plans. These plans will be grouped into categories to help make comparison shopping easier. The four categories - called 'metal levels' - are based on the percentage of healthcare expenses each plan will cover: bronze, 60 percent; silver, 70 percent; gold, 80 percent and platinum, 90 percent.

All plans available via Your Health Idaho have been reviewed by the Idaho Department of Insurance to ensure they offer a standardized package of coverage and services known as essential health benefits including: hospitalization, emergency services, prescription drugs, preventative and wellness care, pediatric care, maternity care, ambulatory patient services, mental health and substance abuse disorder service, rehabilitative and habilitative services and laboratory services.
Standardized benefits will allow Idahoans to make true apples-to-apples comparisons between different health plans of all metal levels based on: the plan's monthly premium price, the plan's network of healthcare providers, the plan's deductible, and the amount co-pays and co-insurance an individual will pay for different health services and prescriptions.

"Starting in January 2014, most Idahoans will be required to carry health insurance or pay a penalty. We are pleased that our Idaho insurance companies have offered plenty of plans to choose from at all of the metal levels," says Bill Deal, Director, Idaho Department of Insurance. "We encourage Idahoans to visit <> and speak with a producer or In-Person Assister to learn more about their options."

Premium Ranges
Monthly premiums for individual and family plans will vary based on zip code, age and family size. Examples of premium ranges from bronze level to the highest priced metal plan offered in a region can be found below. These rates are full premium prices and do not reflect any premium assistance an individual or family may be eligible for within the new marketplace. Table A shows premiums for a 31-year-old individual, and Table B is for a family of four with two parents age 40.

Monthly premiums on pediatric dental plans for children will range from $24.34 to $54.54. 

Your Health Idaho's Consumer Connectors, including producers and In-Person Assisters will be able to provide more detail about the plans and pricing offered on Your Health Idaho, as well as information about premium assistance and reduced cost-sharing options for those that qualify.  

Premium Assistance
The level of premium assistance an individual or family may be eligible for depends on income and family size. In general, an individual with an income below $45,960 and a family of four with an income below $94,200 will qualify for some level of assistance. The prices above reflect full premium prices.

For example, a 31-year-old living in Twin Falls who earns an annual income of $22,980 and selects a silver plan with a monthly premium of $210 may qualify for around $89 in monthly premium assistance, lowering their monthly premium payment to around $121.

A family of four with two adults age 40 and two young children living in Lewiston with an annual income $47,100 that selects a silver plan with a monthly premium of $806 may qualify for around $559 per month in premium assistance, lowering their monthly premium to around $247. 

More Information on Plans
For more information on approved individual, small business health insurance plans and individual and small group dental plans, please contact the carriers selling plans on Your Health Idaho directly.

Altius Health Plans, Inc:
BEST Life and Health Insurance Company
Blue Cross of Idaho
BridgeSpan Health Company:
Delta Dental of Idaho
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
PacificSource Health Plans
SelectHealth, Inc.