Gardner Company proposes underground transit center in Boise

Gardner Company proposes underground transit center in Boise
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- You have to literally look up to fully appreciate the new Zions Bank Building at 8th and Main, owned by the Gardner Company.

And you have to literally look down -- under the parking lot of the US Bank Building recently purchased by the Gardner Company -- to appreciate where the company proposes constructing a transportation hub for ValleyRide buses.

Tommy Ahlquist, chief operating officer for Gardner, says a transit center or so-called multimodal center underneath the US Bank Building parking lot meets the goal of keeping the hub in the center of town.

"You don't get any closer to the center than 8th and Main," he said. "It's where the current stop is, where all the activity is, and will always be the core of downtown."

The underground transit center would be big enough to accommodate eight Valley Regional Transit ride buses at one time as well as other forms of transportation -- cabs, bicycles.

People would go up and down on escalators.

The Gardner Company says getting the big buses off the street and underground to pick up and drop off people would make Boise a more pedestrian-friendly city.

Federal dollars would help with construction but Gardner representatives say the first step with the idea is to make sure everybody's on board with it.