Officers shoot crows in Caldwell 'to get them to move'

Officers shoot crows in Caldwell 'to get them to move' »Play Video
CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Officers are shooting and killing crows in Caldwell because of their droppings, which make it "very difficult for the businesses," according to Caldwell Police Chief Chris Allgood.
"Aren't there other ways that we could do it?" said Cathy Kloepfer of Caldwell. "I mean, are there fans or something that they could blow them away or I don't know... scare them with beeps? Or sounds or something like that?"
Allgood said they've tried noises and other tactics unsuccessfully, so in 2005, Caldwell City Council instructed the department to control the crows using whatever means necessary. Police now fire shotguns at night.
"We'll either shoot up in the air to scare them or actually shoot the birds, either one, depending on how difficult it is to get them to move," Allgood said.
The police chief pointed out the department has nothing against the crows except that they're bad for local businesses, and at this point, a shotgun is the best method of encouraging them to find a new home.