City code provides little help for tree vs. fence situation

City code provides little help for tree vs. fence situation »Play Video

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Nampa city code provides little help to a property manager whose fence is being knocked down by his neighbor's trees, which the Truth Squad first investigated a few weeks ago.

"In our tree ordinance, we don't enforce anything on private property unless the tree is dead or defaced or diseased where it could fall over and become a public hazard," said Robin Collins, Nampa's Assistant Economic Development Director.

H&H Properties manages an apartment complex that borders property owned by Union Pacific, which leases railroad tracks to Boise Valley Railroad. BVR told KBOI 2News in March it had no comment on the overgrown trees pushing across the property line just off Sugar Street.
Collins said the situation is a civil matter left up to the property owners, which an H&H manager says he's tried.
People who live in the apartment complex have also noticed the trees knocking down the fence.
"I would imagine at one point, they were at a very manageable height and were neglected to the point that it is a problem now, whereas if it would have been taken care of sooner, it would have not been an issue," said Micah Beltman.
Other cities handle these situations the same way. Boise, Caldwell and Meridian say their ordinances are similar to Nampa's. They leave it up to the property owners, and ultimately the courts, if they can't come to an agreement.