Court Docs: Suspects stopped for fast food after murder

Court Docs: Suspects stopped for fast food after murder
NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) – The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office has made three arrests related to the murder of James Groat who was found near Lake Lowell Monday.

Investigators have arrested 21-year-old Cruz Flores of Wilder, 24-year-old Christopher Michael Duran of Nampa, and Gregory Raymond Higgins Jr. of Nampa on multiple charges.

Police say that Groat was involved in a drug transaction with Durant and Higgins. They believe he was murdered because Durant and Higgins thought he was working as an informant. Police say he there is no information that he was with any law enforcement agency.

According to court documents, Higgins shot Groat a total of five times after telling him to dig his own grave. The three suspects then returned to a vehicle and went to Jack-in-the-Box at 12th and Amity Road in Nampa for food.

"We've all been up for the last three days and haven't had much sleep," said Tom Needham, Groat's brother-in-law. "There's so many unanswered questions and so much the family doesn't understand why this could happen."

All three suspects made their initial court appearance in Canyon County Friday afternoon.