Man arrested for jumping on vehicles, damaging three

Man arrested for jumping on vehicles, damaging three »Play Video

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - A man damaged three vehicles in a bout of bizarre behavior after he took illegal drugs, according to police.

"I had a customer come in after leaving," restaurant host Evan Peugh said. "She went out to the parking lot, and she came in and asked me to call 9-1-1 because there was a strange man acting erratically, trying to force his way into her car."

While on the phone Friday night, Peugh said the man bolted past him into the restaurant.
"He fell onto the ground in the restaurant and was kind of crawling around," he said, "and our manager had to ask him to leave."
When the man returned to the parking lot, police say he jumped on several vehicles, including a pickup truck owned by Garden City PD.
Officers believe Eric Finnegan, 22, ingested illegal narcotics, leading to the rampage. He ended up outside a church in the strip mall across from the Western Idaho Fairgrounds.
"He kept saying that he was dead over and over again. 'I'm dead, I'm dead,'" said Jason Herring, pastor of True North Church, "and said that demons were chasing him, so I thought it was interesting that he was coming into the church, trying to get in."
Officers say they tased Finnegan, then arrested him. He was charged with six misdemeanors, including malicious injury to property and disturbing the peace. He was released from the Ada County Jail.