Neighbors surprised at stabbing death of Nampa man

Neighbors surprised at stabbing death of Nampa man »Play Video

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - After a man was stabbed to death in Nampa, his neighbors are surprised it happened in their neighborhood.

"Nothing like this happens," Justin Hayes said. "There's no gangs rolling through here or kids walking down the street, breaking stuff. It never happens."
Hayes called it a pretty safe neighborhood. Not far from where he lives, police say a domestic dispute turned deadly this weekend.
Police arrested Susana Quijano, 34, in Caldwell Sunday. She's charged with second-degree murder after police say she killed her boyfriend by stabbing him one time in the chest.
Neighbor Jerry Brown works in his garden, not fazed by the stabbing that took place a block away.
"I'm past the age of worrying about those things for myself," he said. "I worry about it for other people, but this is probably an isolated incident as far as I know."
The weapon used to kill the 36-year-old man hasn't been found, and the coroner hadn't confirmed his identity late Monday.
"Actually, after I found out about that, I locked all my windows tonight," Hayes said.
Officers say Quijano used a knife, but two searches for that knife turned up nothing.
Quijano is due in court Tuesday afternoon.