Kuna school levy narrowly passes after failing in March

Kuna school levy narrowly passes after failing in March
KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - Kuna residents voted to pass a supplemental levy that will span over the next two years and costs $3.1 million.

When numbers were tallied, 53 percent of voters approved the levy, while 47 percent were against it.

Many Kuna parents and teachers were watching the results closely. Some were part of a grassroots movement in favor of the levy and gathered for a watch party as numbers started to trickle in.

"We can rest a little more comfortable, knowing that we're not going to go into the summer, worried about who's not having their jobs again next year, where those cuts are going to come from. We're just going to get to breathe a little bit," Shelby Harris, a Kuna math teacher, told KBOI.

The levy only passed by a few hundred votes. Election workers say voter turnout was higher than expected in the Kuna area, and at one point, two polling places actually ran out of ballots. Voters waited for about an hour before more ballots arrived.

You may remember, residents voted against the Kuna school levy and it failed at the polls back in March.