Two-year-old girl with weak heart lives big life

Two-year-old girl with weak heart lives big life
MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - Meet Mia, she really knows how to shake it down. She also loves jumping on the couch and swinging from the table.

But life wasn't always so active for this sweet little two year old.

"She has had three open heart surgeries, on bypass. She has spent about the first five months of her life sedated and unconscious and on a ventilator," says Jenna Englund, Mia's mother.

Mia's heterotaxy syndrome caused many of her internal organs to be twisted around and in the wrong places, but most concerning were the heart defects she had. Fortunately scientists had recently invented a pacemaker small enough to fit into a four pound baby, and Mia was one of the first to get one.

"If Mia had been born even five or ten years previous, she wouldn't be with us here today," says Jenna.

That is why the Englund's are so excited about this year's heart walk. Their team "The Mighty Mia's" will be raising money along with thousands of other people in the Treasure Valley for more heart research.

"We're excited about raising funds and awareness so that she has the chance and that she outlives her mom and dad," says Jenna.

If those funds can help transform just one unconscious child into a ferocious dancer like Mia, it's worth it.