Nampa severs ties to Bujak, unanimously approves amendment

Nampa severs ties to Bujak, unanimously approves amendment »Play Video
NAMPA - There are many questions left unanswered after Canyon County prosecutor John Bujak resigned.

"Why would that be good for Canyon County to allow a private individual to have access to $600,000 for a whole year that's county money?" Bob Henry asked. "That just absolutely made no sense to me."

Henry says he saw this coming. Back in July 2009, the city of Nampa awarded a contract for prosecution of their misdemeanors to Canyon County. Two months after that deal, Bujak wanted the terms changed. Backed by the commissioners, he wanted checks made out to him and not the county clerk. What we don't know is why.

"For the commissioners to allow him to have access to this money was a very poor decision on their part," Henry said. "If they had stuck to the way it was supposed to have been done none of this would have happened and Mr. Bujak would still be the prosecuting attorney."

Bujak resigned Thursday. And he owes more than a quarter million to the county. Money the clerk paid Bujak's staff to cover Nampa's contract. It's money some doubt canyon county will see again.

"$288,000 of tax-payer money is gone and I suspect it will never be recovered," Henry said. "And we just have a mess. We have egg in our face and I don't like that."

Neither apparently did Nampa city councilors. They voted 4 to 0 Monday night to amend the contract once again. It names the contractor the Canyon County clerk and not one individual.

KBOI-TV tried to contact John Bujak but he did not get back with us. The Canyon County commissioners said Friday they wouldn't answer any questions regarding the switched contract.