19-year-old killed on Karcher Road

19-year-old killed on Karcher Road
CALDWELL, Idaho - A tragic scene early Thursday morning after Nikki Sutton of Nampa rolled her 1999 Oldsmobile on Highway 55 and died.

A fatality many commuters saw on their way to work, and something they've unfortunately seen before.

"It's really sad. I mean it probably could've been prevented," says Lucas Finch, Caldwell resident.

It's the 14-mile stretch on Highway 55 between Caldwell and Marsing. At every intersection there is only a two-way stop making it difficult to cross the highway or to turn on it.

"There's so much traffic on this highway, you're taking your life in your own hands and some people just take chance," says Kathryn Kent, Caldwell resident.

In less than five years 14 people have been killed in crashes in just this small stretch. Commuters say most, if not all, could probably be avoided with some help from the county.

"There needs to be more stop lights. Maybe one at Farmway because there is so much traffic build up in the morning that it's really hard to get across the highway,"

KBOI 2 News did some digging and found out there are 130 crashes and rollovers each year on this heavily traveled highway.

Police tell us Sutton was wearing a seat belt and they are still investigating how this could've happen so early this morning with few cars on the road.