Looking for Violators

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As the kids wind down their trick-or-treating for the night and begin sorting through their loot, law enforcement officers might be feeling a little satisfied too, after another year of Operation Lights Out shows signs of success.

Dressed up in their scariest costumes, kids pounded the pavement Wednesday night, worried about one thing, how much candy they could get. But for law enforcement around the Treasure Valley, they were thinking about something else.

Officers from Ada County, Boise, Meridian, and the Idaho Department of Correction joined forces for the fourth annual Operation Lights Out.

"If they don't turn their lights off and they're letting kids come up and trick-or-treat at the house, they can be in violation of probation," said Ada County Sheriff Deputy Mike Fratusco as he drove his patrol car to Kuna.

The program is designed to visit every supervised sex offender in Ada County. CBS 2 Eyewitness News rode along with Deputy Fratusco and Probation and Parole Officer Mike Reyes as they checked 11 offender homes in Kuna. The first stop proved successful.

"It's a good idea," said the offender to the officers. "We appreciate it sir," the officers said back. "Oh and I appreciate what you gentleman do there," the offender replied.

Last year IDOC says there were no violators of Operation Lights Out, something Deputy Fratusco, also a dad of three, is glad to hear.

"It's nice to know that we're out there doing this, this activity just to make sure all of the kids are safe and the parents are aware of what's going on," he told CBS 2 Eyewitness News.

And of the homes CBS 2 Eyewitness News visited all things checked out: no lights, no Halloween decorations, no kids, and that's just fine for these officers.

"It makes it for a nice Halloween for all the kids and all the parents," said Fratusco.

IDOC says every year they do this, they see more and more cooperation by the offenders, part of the reason they say could be that if they're caught with a porch light on or a Halloween decoration, they could face being re-arrested. That's something, officers say most offenders want to avoid.