Bedridden Idaho man faces murder charge from 1982 case

Bedridden Idaho man faces murder charge from 1982 case »Play Video
LEWISTON, Idaho - A Lewiston man was arrested Tuesday on a charge of murder in the first degree stemming from a Kennewick cold case.

Jack Lee Welch was arrested at his home in the 3800 block of 21st Street at 10:45 Tuesday morning by Lewiston Police working on behalf of the Kennewick Police Department.

The 56-year-old was booked into the Nez Perce County Jail. Lieutenant Doug Clarke said the arrest stems from a murder case that was reopened about five years ago. Kennewick Police say in 1982 Rose Baugh, 25, was the victim of a premeditated, brutal murder.

Tuesday afternoon, Welch appeared via video in 2nd District Court from a bed at the jail. Lewiston Police Captain Tom Greene said Welch suffered a fall and head injury in 2001 that left him in his current condition. He has brain damage, cannot eat or speak and requires round-the-clock care.

"The warrant asks that you be transported back to Benton County to deal with that matter in Benton County," said Judge Jay Gaskill. "Do you understand that? He doesn't know? Okay. Your mother and your sister are going to explain all this to you."

Welch's mother and sister were at Tuesday's hearing.

"We will be there in a little bit brother," said Welch's sister. "Love you."

Because the jail lacks facilities to take care of him, Welch was released on his own recognizance. Judge Gaskill appointed Rob Kwate as his attorney.

Gaskill said an extradition hearing will be set within 20 days. Lewiston Police said Welch has lived in Lewiston at least since 1993 when he was arrested for a DUI.

Kennewick police said Welch savagely beat and strangled Rose Baugh, that Welch was a friend of her's and had long been one of many suspects, but DNA evidence finally led to his arrest.

Keith and Ruby Baugh have waited 28 years for their daughter's murderer to be brought to justice.

Keith Baugh found his daughter's body the day following the murder. when she didn't show up for a family birthday party. He doesn't say much about it now, but the case has never been forgotten.