Watchdog group releases 'pork report' on government waste

Watchdog group releases 'pork report' on government waste »Play Video
BOISE - It's 80 pages of purported waste and ineffectual government spending.

It's called the 2011 Idaho Report on Government Waste and it's put out by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit governmental watchdog group. Inside the huge report is page after page of citations, research and advice from experts who say various programs in Idaho's schools, pension programs and urban renewal plans are ineffectual across the state.

Wayne Hoffman is Executive Director of the group.

"I still read it and I get angry," he said. "I'm sitting here looking at all these expenses tax payers are putting their money into and I'm saying why? Why are we doing this and what can we do?"

His suggestions often upset people because he proposed outright elimination of many social programs.

"We can easily get rid of the arts commission, public television, the hispanic commission," he said. "You could combine mirrored other agencies."

He hopes lawmakers in the state legislature and Gov. Otter read the report and use his research to cut some programs his group claims are unneeded indicative of useless government spending.