Nampa pharmacist denies patient medication

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NAMPA, Idaho - Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest is up in arms after it says a Nampa Walgreens pharmacist refused to fill a woman's prescription.

The drug is called Methergine and is commonly used to stop the bleeding after child birth or an abortion.

Planned Parenthood tells us the pharmacist said she wouldn't fill it if it was used following an abortion. The practitioner did not give her that information based on HIPAA laws.

A new law passed by the Idaho legislature in 2010 permits pharmacists to refuse to provide health care services in certain circumstances if they object because of their conscience.

"Denying any form of health care to an individual because of personal or religious beliefs is wrong and really shouldn't be tolerated," said Kristen Glundberg-Prossor, Director of Media Relations for Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest.

She also says Methergine isn't an abortifacient drug and believes it never should have been questioned.

People we spoke with have different emotions.

"Why would they make a pharmacist and why would they make a doctor? The doctor knows that patient, knows all about that patient, knows the diseases or the medical reasons, so ya the pharmacist needs to do what he needs to do," said Sherry Slade of Boise.

"That pharmacist is totally within his or her rights in natural law, common law, common sense," said Marvin "Pro Life" Richardson

Pro Life, a former gubernatorial candidate, argues no person should be forced to do something they feel is unethical.

Planned Parenthood counter argues that this drug could have been the difference between life and death and a pharmacist shouldn't be the one to make the call.

"They have the right to their own opinions, but to refuse service based on that opinion, that's unethical," said Brianna Kimble of Boise.