FBI: Fugitive on the run for 17 years busted in Marsing

FBI: Fugitive on the run for 17 years busted in Marsing
BOISE, Idaho - A fugitive on the run for 17 years has been found in southwestern Idaho.

The FBI said Tuesday evening that Enrico Ponzo, 42, was arrested near his home in Marsing, Idaho.

Ponzo was arrested in 1994 on cocaine and drug charges. Officials say he failed to appear in court and a local arrest warrant was issued followed by a federal arrest warrant.

In 1996, he was charged with aggravated assault in Everett, Massachusetts, and later indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit murder. Ponzo allegedly was involved in organized crime in the late 1980s.

It is further alleged that he conspired to murder and attempted to murder rival faction members.

Federal prosecutors accuse Ponzo specifically with the attempted murder in 1989 of Frank Salemme. Known as "Cadillac Frank," Salemme is the former head of the New England mob.

Ponzo is also charged with a series of other crimes in efforts to kill those loyal to Salemme.

At the time of his arrest, Ponzo was living under the name of Jeffrey John Shaw.

Ponzo is currently in the Ada County jail on a federal hold.