Ready to work: 'It's now or never'

Ready to work: 'It's now or never'

CALDWELL, Idaho - Anita Keeler has at least 20 years of sales and marketing experience, but says a degree is just as important. Four years ago, she enrolled at the College of Idaho after her husband died.

She says she had to step up her game in order to support her family.

"I knew if I don't go to school now, I won't ever. It's now or never," Keeler said Sunday.

Keeler noticed people with degrees in the job market advanced more quickly, and with three teenage mouths to feed she wanted to do the best she could.

"I've worked different places, and people who were promoted over me had degrees."

Keeler graduates in May with a business administration degree with a concentration on marketing. She says she knows the job market has changed a lot since she enrolled in school.

"Yeah, if you didn't like what you were doing or like the job, poof, you just went and got another one, No, you can't do that {now}," Keeler said.

Keeler graduates in May and says she is ready to work. For her contact information and resume, click here.