New attack on underage drinking in Boise

New attack on underage drinking in Boise
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BOISE, Idaho - Boise Police have had enough of underage drinking and now they're attacking the problem with a new plan.

The police department says it has seen a big increase in underage drinking in the past couple of weeks and believe the problem can be solved by cracking down on adults who purchase alcohol for minors.

The new plan includes putting up posters and stickers on windows of area stores that sell alcohol. The postings will contain information that will allow people to report underage drinking and people who buy alcohol for kids. The contact information would also give smart phone users a direct link to Crime Stoppers.

Officer Jermaine Galloway says this plan could save many lives.

"We don't want to lose somebody because they made a bad decision," Galloway said.

Authorities say an obvious way to tell if someone is purchasing alcohol for minors is when an adult is seen walking away from a group of kids before entering into a liquor store only to come out with an alcoholic beverage that is then given to the kids before walking or driving away.

"When you see things like that then you usually have an adult purchasing for kids," Galloway said.

Anyone caught buying liquor for minors face misdemeanor charges and fines that range from $500 to $1,000.