Business owner says she was scammed with phone book pitch

Business owner says she was scammed with phone book pitch »Play Video
HOMEDALE, Idaho - Dozens of small business owners say they shelled out hundreds of dollars. They thought the money was going toward a community phone book, but they feel like they were cheated.

Debra Jolley owns Owyhee Ice Cream in Homedale. She says a man came into her store and gave a presentation about a local phone book and she thought it was a great idea.

"We felt in the middle of winter we needed that assistance," Jolley said.

Jolley put down a $250 deposit and waited for the publication to come out the end of February. However, in the beginning of May she still had not seen one so she contacted the Truth Squad.

"I trusted he'd do what he said he would do and it just didn't happen," Jolley said.

The Truth Squad tracked down Sam Consalvi, the man behind the community phone book. He said the books are now being released and he's concerned businesses are unhappy.

"Saying it's not what they thought it would be is upsetting because they all saw what it was going to look like," Consalvi said.

The problem is Jolley says she didn't approve anything. She wants her money back because although the phone book is now apparently coming out she says it's not what she paid for.

The Truth Squad saw some proofs of the publication online and there are spelling mistakes. Consalvi says says he wants to make it right and will talk with advertisers who aren't satisfied. So far, though, Jolley's phone calls haven't been returned.

Dale Dixon, with the Better Business Bureau, says there is a lesson and warning in all of this... "research the reputation of the company selling the advertising. You want to see examples, know the reach, and where the copies will be distributed."

Jolley has contacted the BBB and Attorney General's Office about this issue, but she does hope Consalvi keeps his word and makes things right.