Parma residents pull together to help child with cancer

Parma residents pull together to help child with cancer »Play Video
PARMA - The Parma community is teaming up to help a young boy battle cancer. Gage Driskell just had life threatening brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Driskell is now facing chemotherapy treatments for the next year.

"It's awesome. You know, whether you believe in God or good people, it's here in Parma," Police chief, Albert Erickson, said Tuesday.

Neighbors decided to help the family by fixing up the Driskell home for Gage's return.

Gage's father and brother are staying in Boise while the boy in the hospital. Over the next week, Parma residents will work night and day to improve the condition of the house.

The project is headed up by the Parma Police Chief, Albert Erickson, and Rhonda Price Tucker, the Driskell's neighbor. The project will include a new paint job, sanding of the hardwood floors, electrical wiring, new windows, and new furniture and clothes. Organizers say so far, they are touched by the community support.

Volunteers say they want to make sure Gage can come home to a safe, clean place, so he can heal smoothly.

"I just wanted to know that they've got a clean safe welcoming home to come home to, one less thing to have to worry about and can work on getting better," volunteer, Lisa Erickson said.

Rhonda Price Tucker said donations, volunteers and help is still needed. If you want to help, visit