Community flocks to eight-year-old's homecoming

Community flocks to eight-year-old's homecoming »Play Video
PARMA, Idaho - Since Memorial Day, volunteers worked practically non-stop, sometimes late at night and then back again early in the morning, to get things ready for eight-year-old Gage Driskell's homecoming.

"It's totally blown me away," Jacob Driskell, Gage's father said. "I can't believe what they've done to our little house."

"There's not words to describe how I feel right now."

It was an emotional day for many.

"When we first walked in, I saw my brother's room and I started crying," Trevor Driskell said. "I couldn't believe they pitched in and helped that much for my brother."

Gage had surgery to remove a brain tumor and he still has a tough road ahead, including a year of chemotherapy. But friends and family are showing him, he's not going it alone.