Thief writes sorry note after stealing donated bikes

Thief writes sorry note after stealing donated bikes »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho - A local bicycle thief apparently had a change of heart.

Earlier this week, KBOI-TV reported that organizers with World Relief had seven bicycles stolen. Those bicycles were designated for local refugees in need of help getting around town.

"We had bikes here on the rack that had been donated and we did a little fixing on them and we were getting ready to give them to families," Larry Jones, director of World Relief, said on Monday. "Somebody came in over the weekend and cut the cable and stole all the bikes."

The thief must have seen the news. He or she returned three of the eight bicycles with an apologetic note attached.

"Sorry didn't mean to steal from you guys," the note said.

The brief letter, which was anonymous, came as a big surprise to workers.

"I came to work and found that three of the seven bikes had been returned with a note attached saying sorry," said Nate Lacy, resettlement counselor with World Relief.

Although the note didn't say or explain where the rest of the stolen bikes were, organizers couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome.

"We had really been praying for those who had stolen the bikes and believe our prayers were answered. The bikes being returned is not near as important as the repentant individual."

And there's more good news to share.

Officials at the Oregon Minimum Security Correctional Institution in Ontario saw the news report and brought 10 bicycles to World Relief on Wednesday.

"It touched our hearts," said Brad Cain, a manager at the Snake River Correctional Institution. "God works in wonderful ways as we created a bike repair program at the prison in which we provide refurbished bikes to the community to people in need."

"I spoke with my Superintendent yesterday and he was gracious enough to allow us to donate several bikes to this agency."