Weekend DUI arrests double

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BOISE - Boise police say the number of arrests made for driving under the influence spiked overnight Saturday.

Officers arrested 26 people, two of which face excessive driving under the influence charges. Excessive charges means drivers had a blood alcohol level two and half times the legal limit. Treasure Valley drivers say that's a scary statistic.

"It's petrifying to know that somebody could not be paying attention and run into you, and could possibly kill you," Heather Hansen of Boise said.

Boise police also say weekend activities like Bam Jam and the Barley Brothers Traveling Beer Show contributed to the spike in arrests, but don't say organizers of these events are to blame.

Rick Boyd, the organizer of the beer festival, said it's necessary to take extra safety precautions during his event.

"We take responsibility very seriously. We also have a taxi service on sight. People will come down pick you up and take your car home. We expect people to behave themselves, if they don't, we are quick to shut them off," Boyd said Saturday.

Dispatchers say a specialized task force focused on getting drunk drivers off the roads Saturday. Officers also compared the number of arrests to a weekend night during football season.