Biking ban-anza

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GARDEN CITY, Idaho - The Boise River Greenbelt is open to bikers for miles on either end of Riverside Village.

"Just getting off at that one point is really stupid," John Fry of Eagle says.

Supporters say it's time to toss the ban that's throwing a wrench in their ride "to fulfill the dream of those people who came up with the Greenbelt."

Since the city council approved the rule about four years ago, it's been a nearly non-stop fight.

"I feel like there should be one place in the city that you can walk without fear of bicycles running over you," Karen Fosburg of Garden City says.

Garden City Mayor John Evans said early on, that part of the greenbelt stretches too thin to safely bike and walk.

He's not alone.

"This trail narrows several times to just one person wide," Fosburg says.

Protest or not, city spokespeople say there's no plan to lift the ban.

So, "Citizens for an Open Greenbelt" and a team of pro bono lawyers are taking Garden City to court in six months.

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