Meridian Zumba studio stuck with rent troubles

Meridian Zumba studio stuck with rent troubles
MERIDIAN, Idaho - A Meridian business says it's stuck with rent troubles. The dance studio opened up in September and the owners got the green light on playing music. However, after some complaints they are now being told to turn it off.

Inner De-Va is all about self-creation through dance fitness. Unfortunately the owners have run into a bit of a roadblock..

"We got together as 7 women to make this happen and they turned something that was supposed to be fun and exciting into something ugly," Sylvia Champion said.

Champion is talking about their landlord Prime Commercial Real Estate.

"We came in as a dance fitness studio and we play music," Champion said. "I've had complaints and complaints."

She says the first thing out of her mouth to her agent, Tim Graver, was that they will play loud music. Graver said it wasn't a problem.

Graver refused to go on camera., but tells the Truth Squad the music wasn't an issue until they started getting complaints about the noise from other tenants.

"I can't turn my music down," Champion said. "We dance and we dance to music."

"It's just been completely unfair using the quiet enjoyment of neighbors to run us out," said Carole Hofhines, co-owner of the studio.

"They're right up front with the landlord and told it's not problem so it's not a problem," said Breck Seiniger, who is a Boise attorney. "Saying no problem is a warranty."

Seiniger says in this case the renters aren't doing anything wrong. So what can they do?

"Stand on their rights," Seiniger said. "The need to say 'we didn't do anything and if you have to sound proof your building go do it'," Seiniger said.

That hasn't happened, but the Inner De-Va women have been pro-active with sound proofing out of respect for the other businesses. It's still not good enough for Graver, though. He has offered to pay them back the $8,000 they've already paid if they move out, but the women have put another $7,000 into making the space their studio.

"I mean our dream would be crushed before we even started," Champion said.

"It's been kinda disillusioning it's like getting a new car and someone smashes into it the very first day you drive it," Hofhines said. "We're still going forward and nothing is going to stop us. We're a group of women that are powerful in heart."