More Idaho executions likely near

More Idaho executions likely near
BOISE, Idaho - Staff at the Idaho Department of Correction is gearing up for the execution of Paul Rhoades. And by the sound of it, there won't be another 17-year gap between fulfilling death sentences here in Idaho.

Despite the possibility of a postponement or clemency, staff at I.D.O.C. is moving forward, preparing to carry out the death sentence of Rhoades, a convicted killer and rapist.

Correction's Director Brent Reinke says the staff can train for almost every possibility. But preparing for the emotional drain is hard to duplicate.

"This is a voluntary event within the Department of Correction and we want to make sure we take care of not only our day to day operations in the facility but also the needs of our staff at the same time," says Reinke. "It's a challenge for us. There's no question about that."

Recently Rhoades and other condemned inmates on Idaho's death row appealed to have their death sentences re-tried by juries instead of judges. Those appeals were denied. And that could pave to way to speed up the execution dates of nearly one-third of Idaho's remaining 13 death row inmates.

"It would appear, after visiting with the attorney general's office, that there's a possibility of several more. I don't know if I'd use the word flurry, but if you take a look at our website you can see where each inmate is on death row."