New video surfaces of accused White House shooter

New video surfaces of accused White House shooter »Play Video
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Members of the United States Secret Service traveled to Eastern Idaho this week, to collect a video of the Idaho Falls man charged with attempted assassination.

In the video tape, shot by a student at Idaho State University, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez claims to be the second coming of Christ.

"You will see that these people like Nostradamus talk about one male. In English. Like they were trying to send a message through time. But when I first saw that, there was no doubt in my mind that the message sent through time was solely for me," Ortega-Hernandez said on tape.

In the video, he doesn't mention anything about violence against the President, but police say he paints himself as a man with no trust in government.

The student who filmed the video, Ramon Bailey, said he randomly met Ortega-Hernandez at the gym. Ortega Hernandez approached Bailey and asked him to film a "commercial." Bailey hesitated, but gave in when the phone calls wouldn't stop.

"I don't want to have an affiliation that I was like really good friends with this guy cause I wasn't. I was just trying to be a nice college student trying to work towards a degree in my field and just trying to better myself but obviously it backfired," Bailey said in a recent interview.

The taping disturbed Bailey so much he never edited it and did not return Ortega-Hernandez's calls. Bailey has been subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury at a district court in Washington D.C. on November 22nd.

You may remember, police arrested Ortega-Hernandez at a Pennsylvania hotel Wednesday. He is charged with attempted assassination after police say he fired two shots at a White House window. If convicted, Ortega-Hernandez faces up to life in prison.

Here is the entire 20 minute video:

KIFI News in Idaho Falls also contributed to this report