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It was a train car in 1882. Then a trolley in Downtown Boise. It moved to Rose Hill in 1930 to be an ice cream parlor.

Justinian Morton said, "This car is older than the state."

Since 1934, the Trolley had been a neighborhood bar and was one of the longest running businesses in Boise.

That is until an arson torched the Trolley two years ago. That's what forced the Boise Bench landmark to board up its doors.

Kindred said, "It's kind of heartbreaking to see something so old be thrown away."

Morton said, "It's history waiting to happen. Or waiting to go into a hole"

And now the owner Bob Kindred says the Trolley needs to ride the rails to a new home.

Bob Kindred said, "We offered it to the city, but for one reason or another they didn't want it."

So, Bob is going to find someone who wants to buy the trolley on E-Bay.

Kindred said, "I want to see it restored and sitting up there at the Depot with Big Mike."

But, Bob and his friend Justinian don't want a piece of history to just roll away they want it preserved.

Justinian Morgan estimates it will take at least ten-thousand dollars to fix up the trolley.

Morton said,"It's a tragedy. There are a few people that care, but unfortunately they're not the ones with the deep pockets. Boise is not going to be Boise anymore if everything that makes Boise, Boise is removed."

They're holding out hope that someone will want to restore a little bit of the past to Boise.

Morton said, "Something like this takes a little bit of imagination and years later everyone will be happy it is still there."

If you're interested in more information on purchasing the trolley contact Bob by email