Canyon County's Most Wanted

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It's a simple idea. The more you see a name and a face, the more likely you'll recognize it. Kendel Murrant, a Crime Reporter at the Idaho Press Tribune, says "having eyes and ears everywhere and having that information out there is a great asset."

She says they started the "Canyon County's Most Wanted" section a few years ago. "I believe it's a way to actively engage the public to help keep community safety at a high," said Murrant.

Within the last year it's progressed from outstanding warrants to ones just issued. This week's targets are accused of drug violations, grand theft, excessive DUI and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

"I know that there have been cases where we would get a phone call as soon as the paper has been published that morning saying hey this guys living over here right now," said Lieutenant Marv Dashiell, of the Canyon County Sheriff's Department. Dashiell says there are thousands of outstanding warrants right now.. just in Canyon County. He says without the paper's help that number could be even higher. "We don't have enough man power for the number of warrants out there to be able to actually send somebody out and start at the a and end at the z," said Dashiell. He says people who make the list are most likely still in the area.

Newspaper readers are keeping their eyes peeled. Some say they'd check the list before interviewing potential employees. "I think it would be interesting to make sure you aren't hiring somebody who's a wanted criminal or if you saw somebody at the convenience store," said Nampa resident Randy Wood.

The Idaho Press Tribune compiles "Canyon County's Most Wanted" on Sundays.