Neighbors protest trash to gas plant

Neighbors protest trash to gas plant
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Some neighbors are up in arms over a plant scheduled to break ground in the Boise foothills that would turn trash into gas.

A panel made up of local scientists and researchers voiced their concerns and answered questions in a meeting Wednesday night surrounding a multi-million dollar plant scheduled to be built next month.

"It's at an experimental stage," said Richard Llewellyn, Bio-Chemist and Boise resident.

Llewellyn was one of several concerned about the long term affects of a ossification plant. The company Dynamis, located in Eagle, said it would turn more than 400 tons of trash daily into electricity and sell it back to Idaho Power.

Dynamis officials said it's not like a modern day incinerator and would not emit the same toxins that would essentially come from burning trash.

Llewellyn doesn't see how their numbers add up.

"When you actually look at what's going to be emitted, that is so different than what the company says in public, that yes, I do have concerns about the credibility of the company," he said.

The company said it's is working to address people's concerns in a public forum next month, but plan to move forward.

The Department of Environmental Quality permitted the company to start building, but are still waiting to get stamp of approval from the DEQ to start to operate, which could take months.

The Ada County Commissioners signed the company on board through a 30 year partnership calling it a "win win" for everyone.

However, a newly formed group of concerned citizens say they plan to put a stop to Dynamis even if it takes legal action.

Dynamis will hold a public meeting on July 17th and 18th.

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Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government will hold a meeting Thursday night at the Hidden Springs.

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