Ada County commissioners under fire for alleged fraud

Ada County commissioners under fire for alleged fraud
BOISE - A citizens' group is asking Idaho's top lawman to launch an investigation into Ada County's Commissioners over the controversial Dynamis project.

What started out as a small community outraged over a proposed plant to turn trash to gas quickly escalated into a legal battle.

A newly formed non-profit, which goes by Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government, Inc. or for short "Idaho Citizens," filed paperwork alleging that two current commissioners, Sharon Ullman and Rick Yzagurrie along with former Commissioner Fred Tillman broke the law.

The paper trail dates back two years. That's when Ada County Commissioners gave Dynamis $2 million to start plans for a plant that would turn trash into gas and ultimately into electricity.

The letter sent by Idaho Citizens to Idaho's Attorney General includes an affidavit by a former commissioners clerk who said the commissioners held secret meetings with Dynamis leaders.

It also shows the county opened up the bidding process for the job on June 18, 2010 and nine business days later on the June 30, the county struck a deal with Dynamis. This while other companies were still putting together its proposals.

The letter also includes an affidavit from an engineer who said Dynamis listed him as a consultant on the project to satisfy legal requirements on paperwork, even though he said had no dealings with the company at that time.

On Thursday, commissioners released this statement:

“The Board of County Commissioners received a copy of the complaint this morning. Because the Board has held Board of Equalization property tax appeal hearings all day, they have not had a chance to fully review the documents. To make further comment with regard to their validity would not be appropriate at this time.”

Dynamis is scheduled to meet before Ada County Commissioners Friday morning.