Prosecutor: Daycare worker says he sexually abused 23 kids

Prosecutor: Daycare worker says he sexually abused 23 kids »Play Video
CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - A Canyon County Daycare worker has admitted to sexually abusing even more children, officials said Wednesday.

Erica Kallin, deputy prosecutor, told KBOI-TV that Joshua Ritchie, told investigators that there are 10 additional children that he sexually abused.

Victims include various family friends and family members at the Cornerstone Childcare and other locations. As it stands, there are currently 23 alleged victims in the case.

Police say the initial investigation began when a 5-year-old child disclosed to their parents that Ritchie sexually abused them.

Ritchie worked at Cornerstone Childcare and Daycare Center in Nampa where sheriff's officials say the alleged abuse occurred. Ritchie also worked as a kitchen staff substitute for the Nampa School District.

A preliminary hearing has been delayed until Oct. 3 so officials can investigate the 10 new possible cases. Investigators are conducting interviews with the children and performing medical tests

Kallin says they don't know if there are even more victims, but law enforcement is still investigating the possibility.

Ritchie also asked for a bond reduction today in court, but a judge denied him and kept it at $2.5 million.