Firefighters thank communities for support

Firefighters thank communities for support
September 12, 2012

To Communities Affected by the Mustang Complex Fires:

As we prepare to leave our assignment on the Mustang Complex, the members of the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many people who provided cooperation and assistance during our stay. We are especially grateful for the way you welcomed us into your communities and helped in so many ways to make our jobs easier. Many of you assisted directly through your labor, equipment and businesses, and our success would not have been possible without your help. Your expressions of appreciation to our team provided much needed encouragement during a time when our firefighters needed it. The many individuals who provided their time, cooperation, and guidance were equally appreciated. The smoke, increased traffic, and other disturbances that are inevitably a part of large wildfires impacted everyone in the area. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we went
about our work on the fire. We know you will continue to provide an equal level of support for the Southwestern Incident Management Team that is replacing us.

You can be proud of how you’ve helped your neighbors and the firefighters during this stressful time. As our Team returns home, we will take with us an appreciation for the beauty of this area and the spirit of the people who live here. Once again, we extend to you our sincerest thanks for your help, and for the privilege of helping you during this difficult time.


Pete Blume
Incident Commander