Police discover 'rolling meth lab' after possible DUI traffic stop

Police discover 'rolling meth lab' after possible DUI traffic stop »Play Video
Police say they found a "rolling meth lab" inside this vehicle following a traffic stop on Tuesday.

BOISE - Police found a "rolling meth lab" inside a vehicle pulled over on a traffic stop Tuesday night.

Boise Police say at about 6:45 p.m., dispatch received a phone call from a citizen reporting a possible DUI driver. When officers located the vehicle turning south onto Broadway from Boise Avenue they, too, witnessed the vehicle driving erratically.

Officers made a traffic stop and found evidence that drugs may be in the vehicle. A drug detection K9 also indicated a positive alert on the car.

Officers also found evidence that materials used to manufacture meth may also be inside the vehicle. At that point, patrol officers stopped their search, and contacted Boise Police Narcotics officers.

Since chemicals associated with meth labs can be explosive, the vehicle was taken to a secure location for further investigation. After taking proper safety precautions, in a follow up search officers found all the makings of a meth lab inside the car, including the finished product.

Police arrested: Lucas P. Donaldson, 33, Boise, who's been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.