Student finds loaded gun on floor of Tillamook movie theater

TILLAMOOK, Ore. - A junior high school student attending the new "Hobbit" movie as part of a class trip in Tillamook, Ore., found a loaded gun on the floor of the theater, according to Tillamook County Sheriff Andy Long.

The unidentified Tillamook Junior High School student who found the weapon informed an adult who was with the class.  The semi-automatic handgun was loaded and had the safety switched off, according to the Tillamook Headlight Herald newspaper.

Sheriff Long said both deputies and Tillamook Police officers responded to the scene at about 9:30 a.m.

Once police and deputies removed the gun and searched the theater, the students were allowed back in and the film resumed, although some law enforcement officers remained with them during the movie, Long said.

The gun did not fire and no one was hurt. Long said he suspects someone who had a concealed weapon may have lost it and has not reported it.

Long said an investigation into who owns the gun is under way using a serial number found on the weapon.