Super Bowl: How big a TV do you need?

Super Bowl: How big a TV do you need?

EUGENE, Ore. - How big a TV do you need for Super Bowl Sunday?

"It's like, is it too big, too small in the store," said Sam Rivera at Best Buy.

His advice: go big, then go home.

"You put it in a frame of context, it's perfect, you're like, 'Wow! this completes me,' " Rivera said.

For Philip Ziolkowski, who plans to watch the game Sunday on a 27-inch screen, it's not the size of the TV that counts, but what happens out on the field.

"The athleticism. It isn't even who wins and loses, so much they're all good," he said.

The former logger thinks buying a TV just for the big game is extravagant.

"I would never do that," he said, "but I come from a different era, too."

For others, it isn't the size of the TV. It's the quantity.

Ryan Lee just moved into a new home. He has a couch, a table and 5 TVs.

"There's a lot of wall space I need to cover up, and why not cover that wall space with TVs, right?" Lee said. "I don't do pictures, might as well do a TV."

He is positioning the TVs all around his house for a Super Bowl party. One of them is even going in the bathroom.

"So you can just walk in there, do your business and not lose a play," Lee said.

What about folks who buy a big TV just for Sunday but plan to return it to the store?

Riversa at Best Buy has heard that story but said that once people experience "75 inches of awesomeness," they want to keep the TV.