The paint won't last, but the memories will

The paint won't last, but the memories will
BOISE - Most buildings don't usually reflect the people who have spent time in them, but students at Franklin Elementary are leaving their mark. A mark that will live on in their memory long after the school is gone.

Franklin has been a second home to 4th grade teacher Nina Hensen for 34 years.

"We're already packing everything is in a mess as you see everywhere, boxes everywhere and it's kind of emotional already." Hensen said.

Preparing kids for a new school can be tough, but she says they'll be ready.

"They know the student they are. They know the learner they are. They're walking in. It's a new world, but its theirs."

Hensen's world is also changing. With Franklin closing, she's going to retire. Meanwhile, new teacher Torri Christensen is just beginning.

"I'm proud to say I got to teach here for a year and I wish it could have been longer," Christensen said.

She didn't have the seniority to move to the new school. Instead she's heading to Jefferson.

"I have so many great memories here and I was just here a year, so just driving by and not seeing it is going to be hard," she said.

McKinley Elementary is also disappearing and another career is coming to an end.

"It's a finalization for me and the school, so that's going to be kind of sad," said Helen Winkle, a longtime librarian.

Winkle went to McKinley in the 50's. Her three boys followed in her footsteps. She became the librarian. Recently, she found out there is no room for her at the new school.

"There is a lot of sadness with packing the books rather than the building being gone because I worked with them for 19 years," she said.

Though the her grown children will never be able to show their kids where they went to elementary, she says that's not what matters.

"It's the people to see, who's still here, who's still teaching, who meant something to them in their life," she said.

Students who would have gone to Franklin and McKinley will instead go to the new Grace Jordan Elementary. The two other schools affected are Cole and Jackson. Those students will move to the new Morley Nelson elementary. Both new schools are said to be "state of the art" and are expected to save money in the long run.