Salvation Army gas vouchers

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BOISE - Amanda Williams is a single mother of two.

"I can hardly get gas in the car, let alone get the kids summer clothes," said Williams, a Boise resident.

For help, Williams turned to the Salvation Army. At the organization's Boise office, low-income families can apply for a one time $25 gas voucher.

$25 may not seem like much, but it's enough to get her family where it needs to go, Williams said.

In order to get a voucher, drivers must have a valid driver's license, car insurance and proof they're in need. Money for the vouchers comes out of donations.

"This year, we've given out 154 vouchers. We've turned 140 people away," said Amber Young, of the Salvation Army. "Most of those people were turned away due to lack of funding."

Donations to the Salvation Army are down 18 percent this year. Meanwhile, there's been a 30 percent increase in requests for gas vouchers.